4 Ways EmSculpt Body Sculpting Will Change Your Life in 2019

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4 Ways EmSculpt Body Sculpting Will Change Your Life in 2019

Have you heard about EmSculpt Body Sculpting yet?

If not, it’s time to discover this non-surgical body contouring treatment that helps you achieve more defined abs and buttocks. Take a look at the 4 ways body sculpting with EmSculpt will change your life in 2019!

1. Lift and tone without exercise or surgery.

EmSculpt is non-invasive, so there’s no need for post-op recovery. EmSculpt also creates supramaximal; contractions of all the gluteal muscles. Increased muscle mass here translates to a butt lift.

2. It can be performed on a lunch break.

EmSculpt takes about 30 minutes to perform, which is about an average lunch break. That means you don’t have to take up a massive chunk of your day to get the body contouring results you’ve always wanted.

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3. It can help improve your core.

What makes EmSculpt different from other body contouring treatments is that it also focuses on building your abdominal muscle mass, better known as your core, high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy causes the targeted muscles to contract up to 20,000 times per minute. Talk about a core workout!

4. Patients love their results.

What makes EmSculpt so successful is that it leads to very high patient satisfaction ratings. Why not discover how EmSculpt can help you achieve the body of your dreams?

From the moment I met Dr. Kyle he made me feel instantly comfortable. Going into my consultation I had a few questions for him and he answered all of them before I even had a chance to ask. I was planning on having consultations with other doctors but I felt so comfortable with Dr. Kyle that I ended up canceling my other appointments. He was very kind, sweet and knowledgeable. Dr. Weatherwax (Anesthesiologist) was great and explained everything to me and my husband prior to the surgery. Andi and Kelsie were really nice and helpful and always answered any questions I had. Nurse Lisa and Shelley were sweethearts. I’m only one day post op but everything looks great and I’m very happy with my results so far.

Dr. Kyle is a true artist. Thank you all!!


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