From the second I stepped into the office I knew I was making the correct decision with a trustworthy physician and extremely friendly staff, for my body sculpting experience. As a Registered Nurse, I completely trust Dr. Mark Song, as he is so honest and comforting. After two good size babies on my size 4 body, my waistline definitely took the hit and I have been self-conscious and uncomfortable with my “baby bump belly” ever since.

The First Consultation

My first consult with Dr. Mark was very thorough and he explained the entire process, the procedure, and what to expect during recovery. And he was spot on! Dr. Mark sat with me and went over the entire pre-procedure paperwork packet page by page and was calm, patient and answered every question I had. A very comforting aspect to me was knowing that this would not require general anesthesia, which cuts out a lot of side effects that I wanted to avoid.

What Is Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction Like?

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Mark and his team greeted me with big smiles and then I was gowned up and we were ready to go. The before pictures were taken and the circles were marked all over my tummy where Dr. Mark felt he could get the best results for me. The “circles” all over my tummy was the reassurance I needed to know that I was making the right decision and that Dr. Mark could “get all that extra fat out”. The nurses were so compassionate and supportive from the second we started as well.

Being awake for the procedure was such a neat experience. Dr. Mark and the Nurses were so professional and compassionate. I felt very little and experienced no discomfort during the procedure. If I felt anything it was a little pressure and if I made the slightest wince Dr. Mark and the nurses made sure I was alright before continuing on. Talk about a perfectionist, Dr. Mark kept getting at my tummy level to make sure my “baby bump belly” was flattening out. He kept at it until he felt satisfied with his work.

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I was then assisted into the compression garment that holds you tight and firm and within minutes I was done! I was able to walk out of the operating room and ate a little something before my Mom drove me home. Dr. Mark and all the nurses made sure they gave me big hugs on my way out the door.

What is Recovery Like?

I took a little nap when I got home and was able to have dinner with my family very comfortably. Dr. Mark called me that evening to check in and see how I was doing. I was so happy to report to him that I was doing very well and that I just felt sore, nothing more. He checked on me the next day as well.

Immediately After Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction Procedure Irvine


What Results Did You Experience?

After my first shower, post-op day one, my husband and I could not believe the results we could already see even with the minimal swelling I still had! I rapidly took a picture and sent it to Dr. Mark who was also impressed with the evident results. Back to work, I went a few days later with my compression garments on and the only complaint of feeling sore, but nothing more than that.

When I walked into Dr. Mark’s office post-op day 4, again greeted with friendly faces, Dr. Mark was impressed to see my results. A week later still so happy with my decision and my results! Still wearing the garments as directed and ready to get back the gym just one week after this procedure.

I highly recommend this body sculpting procedure to anyone who has struggled with tummy fat even with a good diet and exercise. It is such a confidence booster and I feel so good when I get dressed! Thank you, Dr. Mark, for helping me to feel good about my body again!

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