What is the Best Treatment for Skin Tightening?

With age comes wisdom - but unfortunately, that wisdom can also come with a lot of sagging skin. It’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s welcome. As we get older, our body’s collagen and elastin levels begin to diminish, resulting in a noticeable loss of firmer, tighter skin. In some cases, skin laxity issues can become so pronounced that individuals may develop jowls and eyelid/eyebrow drooping. If you want to tighten and tone your skin - all without requiring the use of surgery - it’s time to discover the best treatment for skin tightening: J-Plasma Renuvion. What is J-Plasma Renuvion? J-Plasma Renuvion is an innovative treatment that uses the power of cold atmospheric plasma to target and tone sagging skin. With J-Plasma Renuvion, skin can look renewed [...]