Can Man Boobs Grow Back After Gynecomastia?

Man boobs – just those two words alone can make men feel insecure about the size and appearance of their chest.  If you have man boobs (or more politely referred to as gynecomastia), the good news is that you’re not alone.  Over 30,000 American men in 2015 alone underwent some sort of procedure to remove their enlarged breasts. If you’d like to be one of them, you might find yourself wondering: How permanent is the procedure?  Can man boobs grow back after your gynecomastia treatment? Treat the Causes First In a majority of cases, there’s no known reason why some men develop man boobs and others don’t.  A lot of times, man boobs appear during adolescence (thanks, puberty), but tend to disappear after those teenage years are long gone.  However, some men are graced with male [...]