Are you doing all the right things – working out, eating right, meditating – but still having trouble getting rid of certain pockets of fat?

If that’s the case, you may be interested in EmSculpt, a new non-surgical body contouring treatment. This cosmetic technology makes it possible to eliminate some fat cells from the abdomen, so you can fit into your favorite jeans or dresses a lot easier.

Ready for the 411 on non-surgical body contouring with EmSculpt?

What is EmSculpt Body Contouring?

EmSculpt approaches body contouring in a unique way, as it’s the only treatment of its kind to use a patented type of energy to target and melt fat cells. This high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy penetrates the deepest layers of the dermis so it can target those annoying fat cells that won’t respond to your hard work. About 20% of fat cells effectively “melt away,” causing the abdomen to become more contoured.

What makes EmSculpt even more exciting is that its patented energy is designed to help you get the six-pack you’ve always wanted. Just one EmSculpt treatment can cause the muscles to contract up to 20,000 times per minute, leaving behind more obvious ab muscles. After your treatment, your muscles may continue to grow, leaving you well on your way to getting a selfie-worthy stomach.

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Is It Right for Me?

EmSculpt is a non-surgical treatment, so you won’t have to worry about surgery or spending lots of time recovering. This body contouring treatment is best for candidates who are about 15 to 20 pounds away from their ideal weight, with much of that extra fat located around the stomach.

EmSculpt is not a weight-loss treatment, but it can help you fit easier into your favorite clothing and gain a lot more confidence!

My experience with Dr. Song and the whole office was beyond amazing. It was made clear that each member of his team cared about my feelings, well-being, and happiness!

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