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At South Coast Plastic Surgery, we are proud to be considered the premier plastic surgeon for men in Irvine. We understand the male perspective and the importance of achieving an outcome that appears entirely natural. Men are undergoing plastic surgery in ever-increasing numbers, and we provide a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures geared to enhance the male face and body.


Men in the Irvine and Ladera Ranch area may be experiencing the signs of facial aging, including wrinkles, lines, creases, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and other problems that leave them looking older and less attractive. Our facial treatments specifically for men include:

Handsome gentleman with smooth skin.

Skincare for men: Caring for your skin with quality products can help you maintain healthy, youthful skin quality far longer than nature intended. We offer a range of professional skincare products developed to support healthy, firm skin for the long term.

Double chin correction: A double chin can be difficult to shed with diet and exercise. The excess fat beneath the chin creates the impression that you are heavier and older. We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments to remove a double chin. You can achieve a firm, sculpted jawline and chin with the help of our talented plastic surgeons.

Facelift for men: A facelift, when performed by a talented plastic surgeon, creates a more youthful look that appears entirely natural – not pulled or overdone. Our male patients have been extremely pleased with the results of this customizable surgery which removes excess skin, gets rid of fat on your neck and chin, and smooths etched-in wrinkles and lines on the lower region of your face.

“Brotox” and dermal fillers: Injections with BOTOX® (or for men, “brotox”) or dermal fillers will smooth wrinkles, lines, and creases, creating a look that is younger, smoother, and more appealing.

Neck lift: Sagging skin, fat, and tissue on the neck has a significant impact on your appearance. A custom neck lift will re-sculpt the neck area, restoring the firm, sculpted look of your youth in the most natural way.

Rhinoplasty: If you’re tired of living with an overly-large, crooked, wide, or unbalanced nose, a rhinoplasty (nose job) can make magic happen and create a symmetrical, aesthetic, and manly nose. At South Coast Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali, is widely known as being one of the most talented rhinoplasty surgeons in the greater Orange County area. Reshaping the male nose requires experience and an eye for masculine balance, and Dr. Ali has the skills, experience, and techniques to achieve a result that enhances your other features.


You may have concerns about your physique and struggle with excess fat on the abdomen. Perhaps you have been unable to achieve six-pack abs even with intense, ongoing workouts. If this sounds familiar, we offer several body sculpting procedures to enhance the male body, including:

Ab etching: Defined abdominals can be challenging to achieve, even if you hit the gym each day. The fatty layer beneath the skin on your abdominals may be naturally thicker, hiding the contour of the abdominals. Our abdominal etching procedure removes a small quantity of fat beneath your skin to reveal firm, fit abdominal muscles.

CoolSculpting for men: If you are plagued by a fatty abdomen, you’re not alone. The male body is programmed to store fat around the waist and the lower back. CoolSculpting freezes away excess fat, with no surgery required. Watch the fat melt away in the weeks and months following your procedure to reveal amazing results.

Gynecomastia surgery: Many men are depressed to be living with an excess of breast tissue, a condition called gynecomastia. Larger male breasts can be a source of low self-esteem, and men who live with gynecomastia are often unwilling to go shirtless. Male breast reduction surgery performed at our clinic can resolve this condition for the long term. The surgery may involve custom liposuction, the surgical removal of excess glandular tissue, or both. The end result is a firm, masculine upper chest that helps you feel confident at the beach, in the pool, and during intimate moments.

Why men choose South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine and Ladera Ranch

At South Coast Plastic Surgery, our male patients trust us to create a look that cannot be distinguished as being the result of a procedure. Every treatment we perform is geared to produce a rejuvenated, natural look that is visually appealing. 
As the premier plastic surgery clinic for men in Irvine, we do more than produce exceptional outcomes – we make the experience comfortable, from start to finish. Our team of professionals offers a more casual, warm atmosphere, which is far from the old-school white-coated surgeon who only appears when it’s time for the procedure. You will be comfortable, cared for, and confident that you have found the right place to enhance your look.

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