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Your ethnic background is a defining aspect of your personality, approach to life, and your appearance. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a custom nose reshaping procedure performed to alter your nose shape while honoring your heritage. You may be very proud of your background, but do not appreciate some of the facial traits you inherited – such as your nose appearance. When an ethnic rhinoplasty is performed with skill, it can create a balanced look that enhances your other facial features, rather than just “westernizing” your nose with a cookie-cutter procedure. The alterations must be made with artistry, subtlety, and an eye for highlighting what is most attractive about your facial structure.

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Every racial background comes with specific traits, differences in skin thickness and quality, and other differences that make performing nose surgery both an art and a science. You may want to change some aspect of your nose to create a more appealing look, but without losing the unique beauty you inherited through your family. It takes a high level of surgical skill to create a balanced look without losing the unique and attractive qualities of your heritage. 

Stunning woman with beautiful facial features.

Asian rhinoplasty

Asian facial structure may include a flatter nose bridge with wider nostrils, and a broader, less defined nose tip. Many Asian men and women choose to subtly alter the nose structure to create a slightly higher, more defined bridge while slimming the nostrils and reshaping the nose tip to create a streamlined, elegant look. Those of Asian heritage vary widely in nose structure, but have some similarities in skin and cartilage thickness. To achieve the most attractive outcome requires an understanding of how to treat these differences best when performing surgery.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

People of Middle Eastern descent have a unique look which varies even more from region to region. Many people from various countries in the area are unhappy with the nose structure and seek to change it to create greater harmony and balance. They may have a hump on the nose bridge, a larger nose tip that hangs downward, or an overly large nose that draws attention away from the other facial features. These issues can be resolved with a custom surgery to reduce the size of the nose tip, smooth a hump on the bridge, or create a more refined, slightly narrower nose structure.

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South Asian rhinoplasty

People of South Asian origin often inherit a distinct nose shape, often longer, with a pronounced hump on the bridge. Some may have inherited a wider nose bridge or wider tip. A custom rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Ali can resculpt the nose structure to create a harmony and balance that enhances the attractive qualities of your other features.

Persian rhinoplasty

People of Persian descent often inherit a nose structure with a hump on the nose bridge, and a longer, drooping tip. The facial skin may be thicker, requiring a custom approach to rhinoplasty. It is not uncommon for these patients to experience breathing problems that can be resolved when reshaping the nose structure. The end result is a nose shape and projection that draws attention to your most attractive facial features.

Mixed race rhinoplasty

A large number of our patients at South Coast Plastic Surgery are of mixed race, as are many Californians. A mixed race rhinoplasty is 100 percent customized, as you may have inherited features from each side of your family and want a more refined nose appearance. Your rhinoplasty may involve removing a hump on the bridge, narrowing wider nostrils, creating a narrower nose bridge, adding structure to a flat nose bridge or other alteration. Whatever changes you envision, you can trust that your nose surgery will be performed with artistry and top-level skills by Dr. Ali.

Meet Dr. Ali, a master of ethnic rhinoplasty

Dr. Ali Qureshi has dedicated his professional life to the art of plastic surgery. He offers extraordinary skills coupled with an artist’s eye for symmetry and balance. He took the step to hone his skills at one of the only rhinoplasty fellowships of its kind in Beverly Hills, where mastered advanced techniques to reshape the nose and create a look that appears entirely natural, yet honors the natural beauty of your ethnic background.

South Coast Plastic Surgery

Why choose South Coast Plastic Surgery?

At South Coast Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ali is widely regarded as being among the most accomplished facial plastic surgeons in the region. He is fellowship trained under world-renowned plastic surgeons, and he brings the latest techniques to our patients at our Irvine plastic surgery center. Your entire experience at our clinic will be warm, compassionate, and friendly. Our entire team is dedicated to providing a pleasant, comfortable, and warm experience.

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