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As we age, we see the curves and contours of our faces give way to wrinkles, creases, and depressions. Many believe that this occurs due to the effect of gravity — that all things will fall over time. This is simply not the case. What happens is that as the years pass, the facial tissues thin, leaving the skin less resilient and supple. As your skin thins and loses volume, the tissue begins to sag and droop. Lines and creases become etched in, and the face starts to appear hollow and deflated. Facial fat transfer helps reverse this unwanted effect of aging by naturally restoring facial volume with your own fat cells.

What is facial fat transfer?

At South Coast Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ali uses facial fat grafting to enhance or restore natural facial volume. In this procedure, he transfers small quantities of fat harvested from the tummy or thighs to the deflated facial area. Fat grafting in Irvine is also a groundbreaking way to reshape the lips or cheeks for a natural-looking, lifelong enhancement.

What are the benefits of facial fat transfer?

Facial fat transfer, when performed by a talented plastic surgeon, offers several advantages:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Natural-looking
  • Long-lasting results
  • No incisions required
  • Limited recovery and downtime
  • No risk of an allergic reaction
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Why have a facial fat transfer?

Facial fat grafting in Ladera Ranch is the ideal procedure for many people suffering from age-related volume loss, as it does not require incisions and produces a long-lasting result.

Artificial dermal fillers can deliver an excellent result, but the filler is absorbed over time, requiring multiple re-treatments. With a facial fat transfer, the fat cells transferred to restore facial volume become a part of your skin structure, and are there for the duration. 

This customized procedure can resolve any of the following:

  • Sunken temples
  • Hollowed cheeks
  • Sunken under-eye area
  • Etched-in smile and frown lines
  • Thinning lips
  • Scars from acne or trauma
  • Lines from the sides of the mouth to chin (marionette lines)

If you are interested in learning more about a facial fat transfer, please contact South Coast Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali.

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Meet Dr. Ali, your facial fat transfer surgeon

Dr. Ali has dedicated his professional life to attaining the most advanced skills and techniques, including facial fat transfer. The procedure is performed with extreme attention to detail, an eye for facial balance, and with a method that will produce the most attractive outcome. If you are considering enhancing your look with natural fat transfer rather than fillers, there is no more talented surgeon than Dr. Ali, who is a dedicated professional at the top in his field of practice.

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What does facial fat transfer entail?

The facial fat transfer procedure is a minimally-invasive alternative to facial plastic surgery, typically completed under “twilight” anesthesia. A small incision is placed within the belly button to harvest an amount of fat from the tummy. This fat is then run through a centrifuge to separate the fat cells, which are then injected into the targeted areas of your face with small needles to restore subtle, youthful volume to the skin.

Why choose us?

South Coast Plastic Surgery is the premier aesthetic surgery practice in Irvine and Ladera Ranch. Our facial fat transfer procedures are performed by Dr. Ali Qureshi, who is widely regarded as being among the finest technicians to perform this delicate procedure. He was trained at Harvard and advanced his expertise by undergoing fellowship training under internationally known plastic surgeons. You can expect extraordinary techniques and a warm, caring demeanor. At South Coast Plastic Surgery, we are proud to be known for our professionalism, compassion, and exceptional level of patient care.

Are you interested in facial rejuvenation with natural fat transfer? The results are long-lasting, natural-looking, and attractive. Whether you want to fill hollow temples, smooth lines, or plump your lips, a facial fat transfer can work wonders. To schedule a consultation, please fill out the form on this page or call us today. South Coast Plastic Surgery is located in Irvine and Ladera Ranch and the premier destination for discerning patients throughout the region.

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What is the recovery from facial fat transfer?

You can expect swelling in the treated areas, but in most cases, this resolves within a couple of weeks. You will enjoy rapid results within several weeks of your treatments, and the results will continue to improve over and mature over the following several months.

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