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The buccal fat pad is within the cheek structure. It is a specialized form of fat nature created to help facilitate smooth facial movement. Some people have a larger buccal fat pad, giving the face a rounder, more childish appearance. Buccal fat pad removal has the goal of thinning the facial appearance for those who have a round face and desire a more structured look. 

What is buccal fat pad removal?

If your face appears overly full or round, it can become more refined in appearance by removing the buccal fat pad. The size of this pad of fat varies from person to person, or even from cheek to cheek. The procedure slims the facial structure. Some portion of the fat pad will be left in place – just enough to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Who is a candidate for buccal fat pad removal?

If you have any of the following aesthetic problems, buccal fat pad removal may be the ideal treatment to achieve a slimmer, more elegant look:

  • You feel you have chubby cheeks or “chipmunk cheeks”
  • Your face appears round, full, or overly childlike
  • Your cheekbones are not visible due to the larger size of your cheeks

Removing a portion of the buccal fat pad can create a more sculpted, slimmer facial profile.

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What is the surgery?

The surgery is a minor procedure performed at our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center in Irvine, where we focus on patient care and comfort. The first step is a private consultation so we can evaluate your condition and advise you about the procedure and the results you can expect. Local anesthesia is administered, and the buccal fat pad accessed from within the mouth, leaving no visible scars. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures.

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What is the recovery like?

You will return home after your procedure. It is normal to experience some swelling and bruising. You will need to keep your head elevated both during the day and during sleep to help diminish swelling. Oral pain medication will keep you comfortable in the early stages of your recovery. The final result is apparent at about four weeks, with results that will last a lifetime.

The look you want – at last

Successful facial surgery is both an art and a science. When under the care of our talented surgeon, you can expect high-quality results, personal care, and attention throughout surgical planning, the procedure, and your recovery. We are proud to have achieved a high rating for our services and our reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery, including custom buccal fat pad removal treatments. 

Meet Dr. Ali, your surgeon

Dr. Ali brings an impressive skill set to this procedure. He is among the most respected plastic surgeons in the Irvine and Ladera Ranch area, and a perfectionist in the art of facial plastic surgery. Buccal fat pad removal surgery is performed to achieve the most appealing facial balance. It is 100% customized, as a precise quantity of the fat pad must be removed, so you continue to maintain a youthful facial look for the long term. Under the care of Dr. Ali, you can trust that your surgery is being performed by one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the region.

Why choose South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine and Ladera Ranch?

If you’re tired of living with a chubby, rounded face, you have the right to change your appearance. At South Coast Plastic Surgery, we work closely with each patient we treat throughout every step of a facial procedure. Our plastic surgeon is a perfectionist who performs these surgeries with meticulous care, focusing on creating your vision for a more elegant facial appearance. The result of the surgery will be subtle but significant, creating a more structured look, and freeing you from the “baby face” or overly-round facial structure. 

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