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The majority of women who have undergone a breast augmentation are very satisfied with their results — especially those who were treated by board-certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Qureshi or Dr. Song. However, the body changes over time, and implants do not last a lifetime. A secondary breast augmentation procedure (called a breast revision) can correct any defects that may have developed over time. Some women also require a secondary surgery to correct unsatisfactory results from an initial breast augmentation. In any case, a breast revision in Orange County can restore the natural, beautiful look you desire.

What is breast revision surgery?

Breast revision surgery is a procedure performed to reshape the breast and remove or replace implants from a prior breast augmentation. It is more complex than the initial augmentation, and requires advanced surgical techniques that demand a certain level of expertise.

Some women choose breast revision surgery, a procedure to remove and replace breast implants. Others choose to have breast explant surgery (removal of the breast implants) and do not want the implants replaced, but want to return to their natural size.  When breast implants are removed without replacing the implants, a breast lift can be performed to remove skin stretched by the breast implants.

Prior to surgery, your surgeon, either Dr. Qureshi or Dr. Song, will work with you to design a personalized surgical plan to treat your specific areas of dissatisfaction.

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Why choose us?

Our Ladera Ranch breast revision surgery is a highly customized procedure. Every woman is unique in her desires, the problems she is experiencing, and the surgical approach that will resolve the issue. At South Coast Plastic Surgery, your procedure will be performed by an exceptionally talented plastic surgeon with the most advanced techniques at a private, luxury clinic where you can expect the highest level of personal care and attention. We are proud to have garnered a reputation of excellence in the medical community, and we can help you achieve the breasts you want. We are proud to be able to resolve even the most complex problems from a primary augmentation.

Is breast surgery right for me?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your first breast surgery or if changes have occurred that you would like to address, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali or Dr. Song to see if a breast revision in Irvine may be right for you. A personal consultation is the first step in the process of repairing, revising, or correcting an unsatisfactory outcome or a painful condition from your primary surgery.

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What is the procedure like? 

The complexity of implant revision surgery varies from patient to patient, according to the reasons for pursuing the procedure. Some patients will require more complicated techniques, as in the case of capsular contracture or repositioning the implants from sub-glandular to sub-pectoral. A breast lift may also be performed in tandem with implant revision to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing final result.

Surgery is performed under light general anesthesia. Whenever possible, our team will aim to reuse previous incisions so as not to create any new scarring. This helps to minimize recovery time as well and helps preserve sensation in the nipples.

Your procedure will include the following:

  • Exchanging the implants for a new type, size, or shape
  • Adding saline to mitigate rippling
  • Adjusting the implant capsule to address implant placement issues

Breast implant revision typically takes 2-4 hours to complete. This is near twice the time needed for the original augmentation surgery since revisions are more technically challenging for the surgeon. However, revision augmentation usually comes with less recovery time and is associated with less pain than the first surgery since no new pocket needs to be created from scratch.

Reasons for breast revision

Women choose to undergo breast revision surgery for various reasons. Some of the most common reason include:

  • Unsatisfying cosmetic results from a previous surgery
  • A change in size preference
  • Capsular contracture (scar tissue tightens and hardens around one or both implants)
  • Implant rupture or leakage (caused by breast trauma, implant age, or implant malfunction)
  • Implant rippling, bottoming out, or fold malposition 
  • Symmastia (loss of cleavage, appearing as a single breast mound)
  • Breast implant deflation 
  • Asymmetry of the breasts
  • The decision to remove implants
  • Medical indications such as disease, trauma, or surgery

Many women are also opting to exchange their saline breast implants for silicone gel breast implants, as silicone gel implants look and feel more natural, last longer, and have less complications.

When is it time to Exchange Breast implants?

Breast implants may need to be exchanged for a number of reasons. You may want to increase or decrease the size of the implants due to a change in personal aesthetic. You may need to address the position or shape of your implants. In some cases, there might be a rupture or shift in the implants. For women who meet any of the following criteria below, it is time for a breast implant exchange in Irvine.

  • Unsatisfactory results from an earlier surgeon
  • Breast implant leak or rupture 
  • Capsular contracture (scar tissue has formed around the implant)
  • Shifting of breast implant position
  • A desire to switch from textured to smooth breast implants
  • A desire for different-sized or shaped implants to suit a change in preference

What is the recovery from breast revision surgery?

Recovery following breast augmentation revision or implant removal is typically quicker than what you experienced after your initial breast augmentation. However, some changes, such as moving your breast implants from over to under the pectoral muscles, may result in slightly more discomfort and downtime.

After your surgery: What to expect

Following surgery, patients often experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the chest area for several days. Most women will be able to resume work and social activity within the first week. Strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or vigorous exercise will be restricted for two weeks.

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Meet Dr. Kyle Song and Dr. Ali Qureshi, your breast revision surgeons

Breast revision can be much more complicated than the initial breast augmentation, which is why it is essential to choose a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr. Kyle Song 

Dr. Song has decades of training and experience performing breast revision surgery, and has mastered the art and technique. Using advanced corrective methods, Dr. Song can improve breast size, shape, symmetry, and feel for exceptionally beautiful results.

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Dr. Ali Qureshi

Dr. Ali has extensive experience and training in breast revision and reconstruction surgery. Breast procedures are one of his specialities, and he is well versed in the most advanced breast revision corrective methods. Dr. Ali dedicates his skills to helping you achieve your desired breast appearance, including shape, size and symmetry, to create a beautiful, full and curving physique.

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Interested in learning more about a breast augmentation revision procedure? To schedule a consultation, please fill out the form on this page or call (949) 894-4772. South Coast Plastic Surgery serves Irvine, CA, Ladera Ranch, CA, and the greater Orange County area.

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