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The South Coast team

"I consider myself a pretty health conscious and active person but I have always had stubborn cellulite.  After years of frustration not seeing results with exercise, diet, creams, dry brushing and endermologie, I researched options and made the decision to look into Cellfina.  I found Dr. "Mark" Song on the Cellfina website.  He is one of the trainers of the procedure! Dr. Song and his team are so kind and make you feel comfortable!  Most of all, they are all very knowledgeable!  I had the procedure done about six weeks ago and I am extremely happy with the results!  Most of my most stubborn "dimples" are completely gone.  It was worth every penny to have self confidence when wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Thank you Dr. Mark and team!" Cellfina cellulite reduction patient

"I am a 50-year-old mother of 4, who 5 years ago went on a weight loss journey and lost 80 pounds. With my weight loss, I ended up with a hanging tummy of extra skin and deflated breasts. My goal all along was to have plastic surgery to help me finish my journey and regain a positive body image. I wanted a plastic surgeon I felt comfortable with and who I had the confidence in that could give me the result I was looking for; Dr. Song was that surgeon. From the moment I walked into his office I felt at ease, welcomed, and comfortable. From the welcoming staff and the informative consultation where all my questions were answered, I felt at ease. I left my consultation feeling confident in Dr. Song. My surgery day I thought I would be so nervous, but was put at ease the moment I walked into the surgery center. I was met by the nicest and most supportive nurse. As well as the anesthesiologist, who put me at ease with his kindness. I could not have asked for a better surgery day. Post op visit was a piece of cake. I was sore but not in a lot of pain. I was so happy with what I was finally able to see. My flat tummy and full breasts. Something I worked so hard for was finally a reality. My recovery was very easy. My breast augmentation and lift were a breeze. Recovery was so easy. My tummy tuck has turned out fantastic. To have a flat stomach is just a dream come true. I was back in the gym after 3 weeks. It has been 2 months now and I have a stronger core and able to get back to my workout that I had done before my surgery. I could not be happier with my result. I am so much more confident and no more hiding under loose fitting clothes and confident in the bikini. I could not have asked for a better plastic surgeon then Dr. Song." Mommy makeover patient

"I had previously consulted with two other surgeons for my breast augmentation before my consultation with Dr. Song. He was most down-to-earth, non-pushy, and approachable of them all and I knew having him do the surgery was the right decision. The other doctors pressured me to go larger, even after expressing my concerns as a professional dancer that it would hinder my frame. Dr. Song actually took the time and listened to make sure I was comfortable with the size I wanted. Leading up to the surgery, he was in contact with me as well as the anesthesiologist who called and texted me the night before to introduce himself and ask if I had any concerns he could address prior to surgery. The day of, I wasn't nervous at all--the nurse and staff were so kind! Dr. Song even called me that evening to make sure I was doing ok. I'm now 6 months post-op and never had a complication or concern. My breasts are exactly what I wanted and envisioned! Thank you, Dr. Song!" Breast augmentation patient

"If I had to pick one treatment for the rest of my life it would be a HydraFacial and if I have to pick one MedSpa for treatment it would be SOCO Plastic Surgery! From the moment you call, the front office staff is warm and friendly. I had a consultation with their Medical Aesthetician Stephanie and let her know my skin care concerns. I had been experiencing the dreaded adult acne for years and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get rid of it. She recommended a HydraFacial, a treatment that exfoliates, un-clogs pores, moisturizes and protects your skin with antioxidants and peptides. The results were AMAZING! Not only has the acne cleared but my skin is plump and dewy. I love the feeling of walking out of office glowing! I have consistently gotten a HydraFacial every 5 weeks like recommended and I can honestly say I have never felt better about my skin. Thank you to the wonderful team at SOCO Plastic Surgery for making me feel confident going makeup free!" Hydrafacial patient

"Hi everyone! My name is Mikayla Faddoul and I recently visited South Coast Plastic Surgery at the Irvine location to get a lip augmentation done by nurse Megan. If you’re an anxious person like me and over-think everything you’ll want to read this review! Before going in to get my lips done, I went back and forth so many times on whether it was a good idea or not. Like most people, I was worried they would look too fake or the procedure would be too painful. After reading many reviews and scrolling through before and after photos on Instagram, I decided to go for it. Previously, I had gone to South Coast Plastic Surgery for a different procedure, MiraDry, with nurse Megan, and had such a great experience that I knew I wanted to come back and get my lip augmentation done here as well. Before the procedure, I had a consultation with nurse Megan where I asked her questions about how it would go and showed her pictures of the look I wanted to achieve. I explained to her that I was hesitant in getting my lips done because of all the stigmas about having “fake lips.” She explained that Juvéderm (the product she will be injecting into my lips) is hyaluronic acid based. This is a naturally occurring sugar already in our bodies. Knowing this made me feel more comfortable that I wasn’t putting foreign chemicals into my body. She also informed me that most of her clients who are looking to achieve a natural lip start out with just one syringe. So, that’s what I decided to do. A few days before my appointment nurse Megan advised me to minimize blood thinners such as alcohol, aspirin, and ibuprofen to help alleviate the bruising. She also suggested eating pineapple since it contains Arnica, which can reduce the chance of bruising as well. The day of the procedure I was feeling nervous, but nurse Megan and the staff immediately helped me feel at ease. In addition, the office is very clean and well-kept which is comforting. Once nurse Megan brought me back to a private room, she again explained how the appointment would go. We started out by numbing my top lip, then about 5-10 pokes with the needle, finishing with the same steps for the bottom lip. During the beginning of the numbing is really the only part I felt any slight pain. The appointment was a quick 45 minutes. Afterwards, I was given an ice pack for the swelling which I was told could last for up to a week or more. I was asked to ice on and off all day long and apply Arnica gel to minimize any bruising. As an anxious person, I always imagine everything that could go wrong. However, my experience was easy and mostly pain free! I am in love with the way my lips turned out! They look natural but have a nice fullness to them. I was never one to put on lip liner and gloss every day, but that’s the one thing I look forward to after doing my makeup because it shows off my lips. I’m all for doing what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Go get those lips done, you won’t regret it!" Lip Augmentation patient

"I lost over a hundred pounds after having bariatric surgery, and I was in the best shape of my life! There was just one lingering, major issue I was dealing with: all of my loose skin. Losing the weight gave me so much freedom and inspiration to try new things: skydiving, bungee jumping, going out dancing, traveling without having to worry about seatbelt extenders and judgement, but each day I still was when I took off my clothes and saw the loose skin around my tummy and arms and my deflated breasts, I felt incomplete.

"I was referred to Dr. Song by a great friend who had also had a major weight loss and went to Dr. Song for help. During my consult, Dr. Song confidently said, "We'll get you back in a two piece swimsuit"...I'd never been in a two piece and could barely wrap my head around the idea. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation, and the loose skin on my arms was removed just six months ago and I've never felt more confident. Shopping and getting dressed is an entirely new and exciting experience, as well as getting undressed. What felt like a far fetched dream, I just rocked my first bikini at the beach, and am feeling so confident with my body. This is now my new reality, and I'm so glad I went in for that consultation." Body lift patient

"Dr Ali work is absolutely hands down amazing, went in for an upper lip reduction. I know this procedure is not very common most people want bigger lips, me to but mine needed to be reduced  a bit and shaped for a better smile . I love my smile now this is all thanks to Dr. Ali. Dr Ali made me feel Comfortable, answer all my questions and I was in and out in no time." - ER

"Dr. Ali was great! I was very comfortable throughout the whole operation and he made sure he talked me through every step. I would recommend Dr. Ali to anyone and I'm very happy with my results. He was always happy to answer my questions and easy to contact. Very grateful for his help!"- MM

"I heard about Dr. Ali Qureshi from a friend who had a great experience with him. I had been thinking about a facelift and necklift for a long time. I actually flew in from out of town to have my facelift by Dr. Ali because I instantly felt I could trust him. He was warm and kind and spent a lot of time answering my long list of questions. He made sure my blood pressure was under control before surgery and even talked to my primary care doctor who said that it was the first time she ever heard from a plastic surgeon calling to thank her for taking care of me!

"Dr. Ali checked in on me the night of surgery and saw me the next day in the office. I followed his enhanced recovery protocol and did not have to take a single narcotic pill. I didn’t have any drains and it was very easy for me to take care of my incisions.

"I feel beautiful and young again! I look in the mirror and see a refreshed version of myself and how I used to look 15-20 years ago.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ali if you are looking for a natural result and want to feel beautiful and young again." Facelift patient

"I was introduced to Doctor Ali through two physicians who I have worked with for over 15 years. They explained that he did post residency training with one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Orange County and that his skills are exceptional. I consulted with Doctor Ali regarding my drooping eyelids as I had become increasingly unhappy with how tired I always looked and that mascara was always on my eyelids because of the droop. My consultation was comprehensive and his demeanor is excellent. I had not pursued this procedure prior as I have been very cautious about my eyes and slightly fearful of eyesight damage from any type of procedure. However, Dr. Ali is extremely friendly and personable and kind which calmed my nerves. I was very impressed by his friendly staff as well. I went forward with the procedure and it was quick and painless. The recovery was easy. I followed his written instructions and I was back to work in a few days. My eyes look great and I don’t look tired anymore. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is kind, friendly, humble and excellent at what he loves... making people look and feel better!" Eyelid Surgery patient

"I heard about Dr. Ali through my cohort who couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful Dr. Ali was, not only as a person but as an extremely well trained surgeon. I had lived with a broken nose for over seven years and just thought that the procedure was going to be too expensive and too difficult (multiple breaks) to repair as the break was high up on the nasal bone. During my consultation, Dr. Ali came across as an incredibly caring and empathetic surgeon who’s bedside manner instantly made me feel comfortable and heard. Dr. Ali addressed all my concerns and walked me through the procedure at the level and detail I desired and comprehended. Most importantly Dr. Ali was able to relate to me and didn’t come across as egocentric." Functional rhinoplasty patient

"Arrival to the OR was straightforward. I met the surgical team and within 45mins I was under anesthesia. Upon waking I was understandable groggy and went home and fell asleep. The recovery was relatively faster than expected, but Dr. Ali was in consistent contact with me requesting photos and managing expectations. The medication protocol was extensive but extremely effective in ensuring I was comfortable and there were no infections. The follow-up protocol with Dr. Ali were quick and equally caring and empathetic. I can breathe! Prior I would say my air intake through my nose was at around 60-65%, now I feel like it’s 100%. A night a day difference that has made it easier to function everyday at work, at play and especially at the gym! Don’t hesitate, Dr. Ali is incredible…" Functional rhinoplasty patient

"I never thought I was ever going to look in the mirror again and be happy with my physical reflection. As seen in the 1st photo, that is years of partying, unhealthy eating, smoking and worst of all, drinking. This week I will have 10 months of sobriety under my belt. I have undergone a complete transformation inside myself, and have finally grasped my mental health and am able to show it who is boss. I am finally the version of myself that everyone close to me knew was there if I would just put down the bottle. With the transformation going on inside of me, when I looked in the mirror I was reminded of all that stuff I put my body through…Along with that, I have always been a little self-conscious of my crooked nose and lips…Nurse Meghan introduced me to Dr. Ali who ever so delicately talked to me about what it was that he could do for me so that I could be happy looking in the mirror again. He talked his magic and I was schedule for a surgery a week and a half later. That was 2 weeks ago. Dr. Ali and his wonderful team performed a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and lower blepharoplasty. In English, that is basically a nose job and under eye bag removal. BEST DECISION I have made since becoming sober…Dr. Ali you are truly an angel sent from above! I cannot thank you or praise you enough!" Rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery patient

"Dr. Ali did a fantastic job treating my 17 year old son for gynecomastia. Office is professional, clean and aesthetically pleasing.  My son recovered well and follow up appointments were seamless.  Would highly recommend him." -JK

"I had such a great experience with Dr. Ali. The difference between getting Juvederm with a plastic surgeon vs. a nurse or my old dermatologist was night and day! First, I didn't need numbing cream and it didn't even hurt. That's huge coming from me! Second, he explained the dangers of fillers in my forehead as well as directing me away from adding to my jowls. I have had lots of fillers and Botox and not one person has ever clarified the possible consequences. He is great! I'm so happy I found him and I look forward to seeing him again in the future." - SM

"I never leave Yelp reviews but I felt completed that I left a review for Dr. Ali Qureshi. After consulting with over 5 different plastic surgeons, I knew from the first appointment I had with Dr. Ali that he would be the doctor I trusted to do my rhinoplasty. I was hesitant because the doctor looked so young, but I could tell he really cared about what I had to say as well as creating an environment that made me feel as comfortable as possible. I have never had a doctor be so concerned and hands on as Dr. Ali. If you're looking for a surgeon, I wouldn't look any further. Dr. Ali is the absolute best. I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!!" - PR

"I visited a few plastic surgeons before I chose Dr. Ali for my nose job and I'm so glad I did. He was very understanding and professional throughout the entire process. With his work, you can tell he's done several of these operations even though he looks so young. Also, if you're south asian, I definitely recommend him because he really understands our specific facial features and references to bollywood stars!" - FS

"Dr Ali was absolutely amazing! He recently did my chin lipo and it was such a breeze. He explained everything every step of the way and really just made me feel at ease! I highly recommend Dr Ali! You will not be disappointed. Very pleased with my results!" - AP

"Frustrated with a receding hairline and thinning bald spot, I sought out my longtime client, Dr. Mark Song to discuss what new technology there might be for hair loss. He shared with me the ground breaking ALMI process. The process is fascinating and basically pain free. Dr Song’s team is professional and has been trained by the scientists that invented this ground breaking procedure. Using your own Stem cells to regenerate hair growth, how cool is that?! The procedure is done in the office in a sterile environment. Outside of a little tenderness, recovery is immediate. Follow up is a month out and there are no visible signs of the treatment. I went out to dinner the same night and no one knew that I had this life changing procedure earlier the day. If you’ve been frustrated with your hair loss and like me have spent far too much money on all the hair growth products on the market, I would highly recommend you consider the ALMI Process!!"

"I can’t say enough great things about South Coast Plastic Surgery. As a mother with a 5 year old who gained 80+ pounds in my pregnancy it has been difficult to get anywhere near back to my pre-pregnancy weight, despite vigorous exercise. I decided it was time to investigate alternatives to diet and exercise and came across a procedure called microcannula liposuction that is offered at Song Plastic Surgery. I went in for an initial conversation to discuss multiple options – invasive and non-invastive lipo and also coolsculpt. Based on my desire not to go under general anesthetic we discussed that microcannula would be the best option. Dr Mark guided me through the process and after the pre-ops got scheduled for the procedure. The actual procedure was only a few hours and felt like I was in such safe hands the entire process! The after care was extremely unique as Dr Mark checked in wit meh daily for the first few days post surgery. I was able to return to exercise within a week and notice a major difference in the overall shape of my stomach. I feel like clothes are fitting better and I feel better about myself and can’t wait to see the results keep progressing. I also am happy I identified a great place if I need more cosmetic procedures in the future. They definitely are very " - LL, Microcannula Liposuction Patient

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