Are Chemical Peels Safe For All Skin Tones?

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Are Chemical Peels Safe For All Skin Tones?

If your skin suffers from imperfections including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles acne scars, and more – a chemical peel could be a great solution to minimizing these skin woes.  Chemical peels remove top layers of the facial skin, which fades the appearance of imperfections and speeds up cellular turnover.  With consistent use, chemical peels can be a great tool for revealing smoother, younger, and even-looking skin.

However, not all chemical peels are made alike – and those individuals with darker skin shades should avoid chemical peels that may lead to a bleaching effect.

So which chemical peels are safe for all skin tones – and which ones should you avoid if you have darker skin?  Take a look at our helpful breakdown:

  • Mild chemical peels: Think of this as the beginner’s approach to a chemical peel.  Mild peels – typically containing glycolic acid – only remove the top layer of facial skin, which means patients may need to undergo several treatments to see ideal results.  However, this chemical peel is safe for all skin tones to use, as it doesn’t go as deep as other medical-grade chemical peels.
  • Medium-strength chemical peels: These chemical peels are ideal for patients who may have wrinkles and brown spots from sun damage. These peels go deeper than mild chemical peels; additionally, they tend to be popular because their strength levels can be adjusted.  Medium-strength chemical peels are ideal for darker skin tones that are looking for more of a boost than what mild peels can provide.
  • Deep peels: This type of chemical peel removes several layers of the facial skin, thus producing dramatic results once redness and scabbing have faded.  However, deep chemical peels have the greatest possibilities for bleaching, which can lead to discolorations on darker skin tones.

If you’re curious about which chemical peel is safe for your skin tone, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyle Song or Dr. David Dorfman at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California.  Together, you and the South Coast team will determine which chemical peel can help you achieve your desired results without running the risk of discoloring your skin.

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