Are you interested in Botox injections, but curious as to how long your results may last?

It’s no wonder: Botox is an excellent way to minimize the appearance of forehead wrinkles and frown lines, so it makes sense to want the results to last as long as possible.

As it turns out, the duration of Botox results may vary depending on how often you get the treatment done. Let’s take a closer look at how long Botox lasts, including what you can do to make those results last longer.

Botox results: How long do they last after the first injection?

While every patient is different, you should expect your Botox results from your first injection to last about three to four months. However, you may notice that your Botox results start to fade around the third month, so this may be the milestone when you’d want to schedule your next Botox treatment.

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Botox results after regular injections

As it turns out, people who receive regular Botox injections may notice that their results last a bit longer than first-time recipients. While there’s no one exact time for when your Botox results may start to stretch out, if you receive regular injections, our patients are seen on an average of every 5 months.

“The first time I went in for a consultation with Dr. Mark Song he was very personable and very knowledgeable on all my questions regarding Botox and fillers. I have never used fillers and only second time using Botox so he made me feel very confident and at ease so decided to go for it that same day. My experience with botox was ok , with the filler certain areas were very painful and would of appreciated some sort of numbing. The next couple days I was badly bruised in couple areas and called office to let them know and they calmed me down stating that was normal and that it sometimes lasts up to a week or so. So after 2 weeks or so I started noticing the my right cheek had puffy area that was quiet noticeable and my husband even asked me what happened on your cheek? So I called right away for an appointment when I saw Dr.Song and I showed him the area and told him that this didnt seem to be right because even my husband noticed and asked me about it. He told me I was focussed on that and I asked him how we could make it better? Since at first we discussed going a little at a time and now because of what I said he was not interested in remedying the situation. I felt very insulted and hurt at his reaction and paid alot of money to get this done and would have even been willing to pay more money but he brushed me off to his Esthetician for some other procedure, made me feel he no longer had time for me. I will go and get a second opinion see if this was done correctly and if its normal for my cheek to look this way, I dont think so since my husband noticed and he didnt know I did any of this! Very disheartened on this outcome.” *


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