Interested in Botox or filler injections?

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Interested in Botox or filler injections?

At South Coast Plastic Surgery, you will be greeted by a smiling physician (Mark Song MD) with years of injection experience whose goal is to provide you with the answers to all of your questions and other pertinent information.  Any anxiety that you have will be allayed by knowing that you are in the most capable hands of a physician who has years of treating all of the various facial issues from forehead wrinkles to volume loss in the cheeks and everything in between.

Once you arrive in our beautiful new office, you will asked to complete a medical history and a Facial Enhancement Questionnaire.  You will then be taken to our photography room and 5 photos from various angles will be taken of your face and neck.  Our physician will escort you to a private exam room and review your medical history and the questionnaire.

The Facial Enhancement Questionnaire will focus on facial problem areas such as wrinkles, frown lines, areas of volume loss as illustrated below:

Facial Enhancement

Forehead lines, brow drop, frown lines, crow’s feet, vertical lip Lines, masseter/jaw fullness, chin wrinkling/mental crease, neck/platysmal bands are other areas that may be of concern.

Your photos will be displayed on a high-definition monitor. The physician will address areas of your concern and provide an explanation as to the cause of any problem.

This 3-Point Comprehensive Facial Enhancement Analysis is based upon 1) review of the medical history and a skin evaluation, 2) discussion of treatment options, and 3) a maintenance and prevention program.

The use of injectables has revolutionized the aesthetic industry and may provide years of benefit. All costs will be discussed to assist in developing a treatment plan.

This comprehensive approach to facial enhancement will prioritized according to the severity of the condition and the concern expressed by you.

Although treatments often provide relatively quick results and may last up to years, a maintenance program may be recommended to provide you with the best appearance. Finally, how to keep that new look will be discussed. South Coast Plastic Surgery has a full range of preventative measures that include skin aesthetics and skin care products.

You will be provided with a written evaluation and a treatment plan that has been individually customized based upon your areas of concern and those identified by the physician.

If you are ready for your 3-Point Comprehensive Facial Enhancement Analysis, call 949-701-4454 or fill out the form for a consultation and we will be in touch within 1 business day or less!

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