We all know that bigger butts are back in style – but if you weren’t genetically blessed with a round behind, you may consider undergoing a butt augmentation treatment.

If you want to avoid going under the knife, you may find yourself asking: “Is a non-surgical butt lift possible?”

Is a Non-Surgical Butt Lift Possible?

A non-surgical butt lift isn’t just possible; in fact, it’s preferable.

Here’s why: Surgical butt lift procedures often involve using silicone implants or fat grafting to create the desired buttock volume. Not all patients are able to use these silicone implants or want a surgical procedure.

The South Coast Solution to a Non-Surgical Butt Lift

At South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA, we make it possible for patients to discover a non-surgical butt lift that creates volume without using incisions or stitches. To achieve this, we use:

EmSculpt: This innovative procedure is the world’s only non-invasive body contouring procedure that not only reduces fat but also builds muscle. EmSculpt can cause your muscles to contract up to 20,000 per minute for deep tissue remodeling and fat burning simultaneously. By toning the muscle and reducing fat we can mimic the results of a surgical butt lift.

Enhance Your Butt Lift Results With Cellfina

To help highlight your newly tightened skin, we use Cellfina to help minimize the appearance of cellulite. This treatment uses a special device to break up the bands that pull down the surface of the skin (this creates the appearance of cellulite). Cellfina can produce long-term results, which is why it has such a high patient satisfaction rating. South Coast Plastic Surgery is designated as one of the top 5 Merz-appointed Center of Excellence for Cellfina in the US!

By combining the two above treatments, we’re able to decrease the appearance of cellulite as well as provide a butt lift, procedures that perfectly complement each other.

Brazilian Butt Lift Irvine

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