Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty 2019-05-30T04:29:46-07:00

The non-surgical nose job is a new and exciting alternative available to patients interested in improving the shape of their nose without undergoing invasive surgery.  A nose job without surgery involves using injectable “fillers”.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty avoids the risks of surgery and has no effect on nasal breathing since it involves only injection into the skin. The procedure is very precise and detailed adjustments to nasal contour are possible. During the procedure, you are fully awake. You hold a mirror and you are in complete control of the procedure’s results. There are no nosebleeds nor persistent swelling.

The benefits of nose jobs without surgery are faster results, quicker healing time, and little or no pain. This is a relatively painless procedure that can be performed in just minutes. Through careful analysis of the ways to improve the shape and contour of the nose, Dr. Song will even out the nose and make it look like one smooth line if so desired. Following a detailed examination, Dr. Song will determine to what extent any filler will make.  Typically performed with a micro-cannula, the procedure is nearly painless and you will see immediate results. The correction will be gradual and you will have every opportunity to see the whole process.

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