Now Get A Clear Vision of How Your New Breasts Will Look at South Coast Plastic Surgery

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Now Get A Clear Vision of How Your New Breasts Will Look at South Coast Plastic Surgery

Introducing-Illusio-Augmented-Reality-SOCO-Irvine-CAOne of the biggest challenges associated with breast augmentation involves attempting to visualize how your new breasts will look after the procedure. While consultations, before & after photos, and interactions with implants can help, the truth is that many patients are still unsure of how their new breasts will look on their specific body frame after undergoing the procedure.

Fortunately, a new company in San Clemente, CA is helping make this hesitation a thing of the past with augmented reality technology – and it’s now available at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA.

Introducing Illusio Augmented Reality

Illusio, a medical tech company, utilizes augmented reality technology to make it possible for both patients and plastic surgeons to get a clear idea of how a certain implant size or shape will look after breast surgery.

A marker attached to a band is worn over the chest, and allows the software to project virtual breasts over your body in real-time. The plastic surgeon simply has to input data regarding the size, shape, and type of breast implant. Upon receiving that information, the Illusio app superimposes a computer generated image of how that option will look on the patient’s body.

The iPad images can be shared with patients so they understand how certain implants will look with their specific body size, shape, and frame.

“This Illusio technology is great for reducing patient anxiety regarding how they’ll look once the procedure is done,” says South Coast Plastic Surgery co-founder Kyle Song, MD. “With a simple app, patients can have clear insight into what results they can anticipate – meaning they can be 100% excited going into their procedure!”

Discover the Illusio Difference at South Coast Plastic Surgery

Illusio technology is now integrated in all South Coast breast augmentation consultations. Schedule your breast augmentation consultation at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA today. 949-701-4454

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