Once Cellulite Has Been Removed, Can It Return?

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Once Cellulite Has Been Removed, Can It Return?

Did you know it’s estimated that more than 90% of women have cellulite?

While cellulite is extremely common – even in supermodels! – the truth is that cellulite might make you feel a little self-conscious. Given that diet and exercise might not always help you get rid of cellulite, you may need a little extra help to smooth away the appearance of those pesky bumps and dimples. Cellulite is typically genetic, so it is nothing that you did specifically to get this. It just happens!

That’s where Cellfina comes in!

Once Cellulite Has Been Removed, Can It Return Newport Beach
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Cellfina is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that’s been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite, particularly on the thighs and buttocks. Cellfina works by breaking up the connective bands that pull down on the skin and create dimples. These dimples can take the shape of small depressions to oblong and large depressions. When these collagen bands are released, this results in an immediate reduction in the appearance of cellulite dimples and ripples.

Most patients see their best results with just a single Cellfina treatment. Yet many still have questions about these results, with one of the most popular being: Once cellulite has been removed, can it return?

The answer is yes, but under specific conditions such as gaining weight. It is the not original bands that reform, but most likely other bands that become tight with the extra fat and thus result in new dimples being formed.

As long as you maintain your fitness and weight, the bands and dimples will most likely not return. In fact, the FDA has 3 year data that shows that over 90% of patients are still happy following an initial Cellfina treatment.

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