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Body Lift

Post weight loss surgeries can involve a number of procedures designed to provide more defined contours for your body. Many of these options can be combined for a total or partial body lift.


A lower body lift, or torso lift, involves removing excess fat and skin from the area of the midsection. These areas can include the abdomen, buttocks, hips, love handles, and thighs. The incision is made around the belt-line and across the lower part of the stomach, down to the inner thighs. Excess fat and skin are expelled and the remaining skin pulled for a tighter, smoother appearance. Because our surgeons strive to create the most natural-looking appearance, we recommend that the lower body lift is performed in two surgeries.

An upper body lift focuses on the back, arms, and breasts. Excess fat and skin are removed in these areas and the remaining skin is contoured to achieve a firmer aesthetic.

Body lift procedures require a significant amount of healing and typical recovery is longer than non-weight loss body contouring procedures.


All patients will be asked to wear tight-fitting compression garments immediately following surgery. You can expect to wear these compression garments continuously (except while bathing) for six weeks. Drains are typically removed within the first two weeks. While the drains are in place, you are allowed to shower as usual but are asked to refrain from taking baths or being submerged in water.

The most important part of your post-operative instruction is that you must be out of bed and walking the same day as the surgery. Ambulating immediately following post-weight loss surgery is the most effective method of reducing the risk of blood clot in the deep veins of the leg (DVT), which is a potential complication of this surgery. Patients who are high-risk for DVT will be administered a prescription for a blood thinner to be used after surgery.

You can expect to experience swelling and bruising. Though you will notice a dramatic change in your body almost instantaneously, the final result will be evident closer to six months following surgery.

Patients should be aware that there will be scarring after body lift procedures, however, scars generally lighten over time, becoming less apparent.

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