What Is the Best Non-Surgical Double Chin Treatment?

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What Is the Best Non-Surgical Double Chin Treatment?

Let’s face it – even if you strictly follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen, a double chin can make you look like you are not. For many people, a double chin isn’t always a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle; in fact, some individuals are genetically prone to storing fat along the jawline and underneath the chin. What’s more, getting older means facial fat pads begin to break down and drift south, thus collecting around the jawline.

Whether your double chin is a result of genetics or just getting older, you want to get rid of it – and here at South Coast Plastic Surgery, we can help!

Our Irvine, CA plastic surgery practice is pleased to offer Kybella injections to patients who want the best non-surgical double chin treatment. Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that’s designed to damage submental fat tissue, all without touching surrounding healthy tissue. Over time and with just a couple of injections, patients will see a noticeable reduction in their double chin fat.

The secret to Kybella’s success can be found in its main ingredient: deoxycholic acid. This naturally-occurring acid eats away at fat cells, causing them to become so damaged that they shrink in size. Some patients may notice a slight burning sensation during their injection procedure; this is a sign that the deoxycholic acid is making its way through stubborn submental fat cells.

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The best candidates for Kybella treatments have a double chin or jawline fat, and have excellent skin laxity. If your skin has lost a bit of its firmness, don’t worry – your Kybella injections can be combined with non-surgical Ultherapy treatments, which will help tighten up loose skin. That way, you can show off your results!

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