When Can I Exercise After Cellfina?

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When Can I Exercise After Cellfina?

Have you heard of Cellfina yet?

If you haven’t, it’s time to introduce yourself to this innovative FDA-cleared technology. Even though Cellfina was just introduced to the market a couple of years ago, it’s already become one of the most popular non-surgical treatment options at South Coast Plastic Surgery, and for good reason:

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It’s highly effective at minimizing the appearance of cellulite!

If you suffer from dimples on your flanks or thighs, you may be an excellent candidate for Cellfina treatments. This procedure uses a special micro-needling technique to break up the collagen bands beneath the dermis that are the cause of the cellulite dimples.. When these collagen bands are broken up, there is marked improvement in the appearance of the dimples.

While many clients are extremely interested in experiencing Cellfina for themselves, one popular question tends to need answering during the initial consultation period:

“When can I exercise after Cellfina?”

While you won’t need to take time off of work after your Cellfina treatment, it’s generally recommended that you avoid hitting the gym for the first week after the procedure. That’s because you’ll probably experience some swelling and bruising from the microneedling portion of Cellfina. These symptoms usually fade after a couple of weeks, but hitting the gym a bit too hard can cause the swelling and bruising to stick around for longer.

However, that’s not to say you should be completely stationary during the first week after your treatment. In fact, we encourage you to engage in light activity such as walking at this time, as it allows you to enjoy physical activity without making the swelling and bruising worse.

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