The breeze is cooler, the air is a little crisper, and the kids are back in school. That can only mean one thing – fall is finally here again!

While you’re excited for the new season, you can’t help but regret not taking better care of yourself during those hot summer days.  You spent a lot of time outside (sometimes skipping that sunscreen), and you tried to avoid eating too much at barbecues and cookouts.  But now that autumn is here and the holidays are fast approaching, you want to make sure you look your best for the party season…

And fast!

That’s why you should schedule a refreshing consultation at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA.  As the premier destination for the best aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures in Orange County, South Coast Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer patients the top treatments designed to get your skin and body ready for the holiday season.

Take a look at the top three treatments that will have you looking refreshed and glamorous in no time at all:

  • Kybella: If you’re still suffering from excess submental fat (otherwise known as a double chin) despite eating healthy and working out, it’s time to introduce yourself to Kybella.  This FDA-approved injection contains deoxycholic acid, a special compound that dissolves fat cells, which are eventually dispelled by the body’s natural waste removal processes.  Kybella is ideal for candidates who have mild to moderate chin fat, as well as good skin laxity.
  • Ultherapy: Looking to tighten and tone your skin so you look fabulous in all those holidays photos?  Then it’s time to introduce yourself to Ultherapy. This FDA-approved, non-invasive skin-tightening treatment uses the power of heat energy to lift and tighten skin.  The effects are similar to a facelift, as the treatment targets the deepest skin layers to tighten, tone, and lift.  Final results from Ultherapy treatments can be seen two to three months after the last procedure.
  • Vi Peel: Regretting all that time you spent in the summer sun without sunscreen on? Use the Vi Peel to quickly address your biggest complexion woes, including uneven skin tone and texture.  Additionally, the Vi Peel has been proven to rejuvenate collagen and elastin production – key building blocks for youthful skin.  You’ll see results after just one peel!

Ready for your best skin ever?  Then schedule a consultation at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA!