What is the Best Incision for a Chin Implant?

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What is the Best Incision for a Chin Implant?

If you’re embarrassed about the shape of your chin or bothered by a weak jawline, a chin augmentation could provide you with the confidence-boosting solutions you’ve been looking for.  A chin augmentation procedure changes the shape of your jawline via a silicone chin implant, which is placed directly underneath the chin.  The implant is small and shaped to your particular needs, meaning the final results will make your chin – and face! – appear more defined and contoured.

The placement of the chin implant can play a large role in how quickly you recover from the chin augmentation procedure.  Typically, chin implants are placed via one of two incision locations:

  • Through the mouth
  • Underneath the chin

There are specific benefits in using both incision locations.  Incisions made through the mouth may be a better option for people who are concerned about scarring, as the incision is made inside of the mouth.  However, patients who want minimal pain and faster recovery may be interested in chin implant placement underneath the chin.

If you’re interested in chin augmentation in Orange County, schedule a consultation with South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California.  Owned and operated by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Kyle Song, South Coast Plastic Surgery offers discrete chin implants with high rates of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Song specializes in chin augmentation where the incision for the chin implant is made underneath the chin.  The incision itself is only 7 mm in size, meaning any scarring is barely noticeable.  What’s more, making the incision underneath the chin makes for better placement, as well as superior pain management.

If you’re ready to change the shape of your jawline – and create a more balanced facial appearance – contact South Coast to schedule your chin augmentation consultation today.  During the consultation, Dr. Song will discuss your chin implant options to ensure your results are perfect for your facial shape and desired results.

South Coast Plastic Surgery serves the greater Orange County areas. Call (949) 701-4454 to learn more.

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