What is the California Lift?

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What is the California Lift?

Have you ever thought about getting a facelift – but held back because you were afraid of the scars that can come along with it?

It’s not surprising; after all, traditional facelifts can leave large, obvious scars behind the ears, which may make patients feel self-conscious about putting their hair up.  What’s more, these scars can leave patients with the appearance of looking like they’ve had “work” done – and that’s certainly not a desirable outcome from these procedures!

If the above sounds familiar, then it’s time to discover the California Lift – a new facelift that makes obvious scars a thing of the past.

The California Lift at South Coast Plastic Surgery

Founded and operated by Kyle Song, MD and David Dorfman, MD, South Coast Plastic Surgery is the only cosmetic surgery practice to offer the California Lift, an alternative to traditional facelifts.  The California Lift is designed to create the smallest incisions possible, which helps minimize the appearance of procedural scars.

To do this, either Dr. Song or Dr. Dorfman will make the incisions around the side burns and down to the earlobe.  The incision makes an S shape, which is why this treatment is often referred to as an S-lift in other plastic surgery practices.  Once the incisions have been made, your plastic surgeon can lift the deeper tissues within the face, as well as pull back any sagging skin.

The end result is a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance, with minimized wrinkling and sagging.

One of the most important benefits of the California Lift is that there is less post-procedural bruising and swelling than with the traditional facelift.  Recovery is also minimized, with patients of the California Lift able to return to their normal activities after a few days, rather than a week or longer.

You’re an ideal candidate for a California Lift if you have moderately sagging skin in the neck and jowl lines; if your skin has severe sagging, you may find that a traditional facelift is your best course of action.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the California Lift, schedule a consultation at South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA (Orange County) today.  Both Dr. Song and Dr. Dorfman will be happy to discuss the procedure with you, as well as your candidacy for this innovative treatment.

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